Upgrading to 0.9.0ΒΆ

  1. def config in Job does not accept a mode. Job has Job.mode use that if you need it. def listeners in Job no longer accepts a mode either.
  2. sum takes a type parameter in the fields API. sum[Double] is equivalent to the old behavior, but you might want sum[Long] or any other T that has an algebird.Semigroup[T]. Without the type parameter you get: diverging implicit expansion for type com.twitter.algebird.Semigroup[T]
  3. TypedSink and Mappable need setter and converter defined. Using TupleSetter.asSubSetter, or TupleConverter.asSuperConverter can help here. (add better docs, please if you get confused).
  4. RichDate parsing needs an implicit scalding.DateParser. Job has one in scope that follows the old rules (minus natty), but you may need to set an implicit DateParser outside of a Job. (See DateParser.default).
  5. JsonLine has been extracted into scalding-json module.

These sed rules may help.